Q. What types of players can attend?*
Our camps are open to any and all levels of players. We have players from absolute beginner to starting high school level.

We design our camps to teach the technical basics and love of the game to the inexperienced player, to introduce strategical decision making, and more advanced technique to the intermediate player, while building on their current fundamentals, and to put the advanced players into pressured, strategical and competitive situations.

Q. What are the ages of the campers?

Our ages at camp are boys grades 4-12 of all skill levels

Q. What is the ratio of campers to staff?
Groups will be divided into small instructional groups of approximately 10 campers to one coach. Some camps / sessions offer higher or lower ratios based on curriculum.
Q. When will registration for camp sessions close?
We will take registrations right up until the first day of camp as long as spots are still available. Many of our camps do sell out and we recommend signing up as soon as possible to ensure inclusion.
Q. If the camp is the full, do you have a waiting list?
We do have a waiting list for our camp weeks that sell out. In is not unusual for us to add campers from the waiting list due to late cancellations. To be added to the wait list, please email the office.
Q. How do I sign up?
You can register online at campfightingscot.com or by mailing in a registration form (found online or on our brochure) .
Q. How do I request a brochure?
To have a camp brochure mailed to you, please fill out the form found here
Q. Where do the campers stay?
Players stay in the college residential halls. The students are typically housed 2 to a room (although in certain circumstances triples are available). Special arrangements can be made to have multiple rooms next to each other if requested. For special rooming requests, please email the office.
Q. What type of supervision is provided and will my child be safe?
All activities, both on and off the courts, are supervised by mature and responsible staff members. Safety is a top priority throughout the week. With more than 40 years experience running sports camps, we have developed detailed rules and regulations in order to provide a safe atmosphere at the camp. No one is allowed to leave campus or leave the group during camp. Supervision in the residence halls at night ensures the campers are getting adequate rest. In addition, campus security is present at all times.
Q. How can I request a roommate?
On the registration page, we have a section for roommate requests. In addition, you can email the camp office with a roommate request up to 7 days prior to the start of camp. We cannot guarantee all roommate requests, however, it is extremely rare that a camper that we are not able to accommodate 1 roommate request.
Q. Do campers need extra money?
Campers do not need extra money for any of the tennis, meals or training. On occasion, there may be additional money needed for social events at certain locations. We recommend that you contact the camp to see if additional money is needed or social events. In addition, some locations have camp gear (t-shirts, hats etc..) available for purchase.
Q. Do you allow Cell phones?
Cell phones can be used at all times other than when campers on the courts or during certain activities. Some locations may have more stringent cell phone policies and we recommend you clarify any concerns with the camp director at camp check-in.
Q. What if my child has food allergies?
Please notify our camp office via email prior to arrival at camp. At most of our camp locations there are multiple options at each meal and can accommodate all types of food preferences, including vegetarians, vegans, and all types of food allergies. Each food option is marked with health content and ingredients. In addition, the dining staff will help any child with food allergies or preferences.
Q. Are there trainers at camp?
We do have full time trainers with us at camp the entire week.
Q. My child special medical needs and/or care, how can I assure their needs are met?
Please notify our camp office via email prior to arrival at camp about any special needs you may have during camp. We will make every effort to accommodate these needs if we have proper time to prepare.
Q. What should I pack?*
Coming soon. Please check back