Camp Fighting Scot Basketball Camp

For more than 50 years, Camp Fighting Scot has provided young players a chance to work on their games under the guidance of some of the nation’s top basketball coaches. Started by legendary Wooster Coach Al Van Wie in 1969, Wooster has hosted more than 20,000 campers during the past 5 decades.

In 2020, Camp Fighting Scot will host 2 weeks of camp under the direction of Head College of Wooster basketball coach, Doug Cline. With more than 15 College and High School coaches supplementing the coaching staff, campers will receive a heavy dose of fundamentals, teamwork and skill development.

Each week of camp offers both Overnight and Commuter options for boys grades 4-12.


Individual Instruction

Making sure every young man receives individual instruction is the main goal of our camp. With a ratio of one coach for every seven campers, individual attention is assured.

Shooting Instruction

Several staff members at Camp Fighting Scot have outstanding expertise in giving shooting instruction. Many hours are spent working individually with campers on their shooting technique.

Experienced Staff

The staff is composed of high school and college coaches who have proven their ability to teach. These men place great emphasis on the highest principles of athletics. Outstanding college players will serve as camp counselors.

Outstanding Facilities

The new five million dollar air-conditioned Timken Gymnasium in the Armington Physical Education Center is the focal point for training. There are four full-size college courts. Meals and recreation revolve around the adjacent Lowry Center.

Camp Fighting Scot Philosophy

provides the atmosphere where a young man can receive excellent instruction, proper supervision and enjoy the fellowship of other young men who want to learn more about basketball. CAMPERS ARE SEPARATED BY GRADE LEVEL FOR TEACHING AND COMPETITION.


 Activity begins at 8:20 a.m. The morning sessions emphasize individual and team offensive techniques. After lunch the emphasis shifts to defensive skills. During free time, the camper can take advantage of the College’s games room for bowling, billiards, etc., or just relax, or maybe write home. There is league play in the evening. Each camper is assigned to a team by his ability, age, and size. There are awards for the league champions. Before lights out, everyone has the chance to discuss his strengths and weaknesses with the counselors and coaches in the dorm.

The daily schedule is extremely flexible. Since we are primarily interested in what is best for the individual, the agenda will be adjusted to suit each camper’s needs. For instance, the younger boys will not be required to complete the same syllabus as the older players.


Brand new in 2020, we will be offering the boys the option to go swimming throughout the week. Despite full days on the courts, we do provide social and recreational activities during their time at camp to ensure a fun camp environment. Remember to pack a swim suit and towel if you are looking to swim during camp.